Maps Of Inspiration

Five artists/designers that inspire me.

  • Nagata Kagaya
    A Japanese digital artist who has made his career based on visualizing ‘the perfect world’.
    Often described as fantasy art, some argue his motives are based on exploring the rare beauties the earth has to offer.
  • Will Wright
    The creator and designer of the virtual human simulation game; ‘Sims’
    Will’s approach to designing and creating these games involve years of recording data of human, social and political activity. The logo for the ‘Sims’ franchise is a green 3d diamond. This shape doesn’t just act out as a design but it is incorporated in the game and represents your characters emotions in game play. The green diamond represents your character in a normal/happy state. If your diamond changed colour in game it meant your character is in a unstable position in its life.
  • Allan Alcorn
    The designer of the classic arcade game ‘Pong’
    Pong was one of the first video games to reach popularity on a worldwide basis . The aim of the game is to defeat your opponent in a simulated table tennis game.  Released in 1972, Pong revolutionised the art of gaming and is described as one of the ‘most addictive games in two-dimension’
  • Meekel Saleem
    My Father, fine artist and mirror engraver.
    A majority of my dad’s work is dedicated to the legacy of his ancestors and the spiritually of his community. He uses mirror as a direct means of communication. The images he produces are sometimes supported by Typography.

I’ve always been a fan of Digital Art and witnessing the evolution of computer graphics. Through my childhood I gained interest in the history of revolution and researched topics based of people who wanted to liberate their people from a state of oppression. I believe this has played a major part in the way I produce my work. Sometimes there is a lot of reference to these topics.

Huey P Newton, Peter Tosh and Tupac Shakur are three of the people who inspire my research.
Their existence has not only inspired me but a large population of others around the world.
The map below is a representation of the influence these men had on the world.

  • Huey P Newton
    One of the founders of the Black Panther Party. An organisation which played a major role in the Civil Rights Movement in the late 60’s.
  • Peter Tosh
    A Rastafarian Musician used his lyrics to symbolise political and social issues in the world. Once a member of legendary reggae band ‘The Wailers’.
  • Tupac Shakur
    A hip-hop artist and 2nd generation revoloutionary. Tupac gained international attention due to his powerful personality. Like Peter Tosh, His songs are a reminder of the issues that plagued the area around him.

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