Voyagers: Britons and the Sea

Gallery: Voyagers: Britons and the Sea
Location : National Maritime Museum, Greenwich
Date:  29th, September 2011

For my first gallery visit post I wanted to document a special exhibition at the National Maritime Museum. The museum illustrates the relationship between Britain and the sea and each exhibition symbolises the sea as both a bridge and a barrier. This was my sixth visit so I was interested to see a new  gallery.

The main entrance of the museum was blocked with construction, however my group were directed to an entrance which takes you to one of they’re newest galleries called ‘Voyagers: Britons and the Sea‘. This gallery is a compilation of graphic design, animation, architecture and sound. The room is fitted with projectors that show imagery relating to the other pieces of the museum and the sea. The images flow over a dynamic audiovisual wave structure. ‘The Wave‘ is the best way to describe the creation. A montage of film and pictures reveal a key maritime theme and draws an audience of all ages around its space.

The gallery was designed by Real Studios who specializes in interior and exhibition design. The structure was created by The Light Surgeons, a collective of Multimedia artists founded in 1995. They teamed up with the art and design studio, Flightphase to make this installation permanent for the Museum.
The gallery also shows portraits which represent a element of history. Some of them are of past leaders like Horatio Nelson and also display a large number of medals, retired ammunition, letters, books and journals. Most of the portraits in the gallery date back to the Renaissance era and linked together through a documented timeline.


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