An End And Another Beginning And….

We have come to our twelfth and final GAMSWEN Lecture. Almost the year of the academic year  and we have been introduced to so many visuals of inspiration and history. My respect for the Arts has grown dramatically. I have been exposed to a world of different imaginations and ideas, which was one of my goals for university. To understand the methods of designers and artists around this world. Incorporating what I know and representing it to family, friends or the general public.

One thing students can agree on is the seriousness and importantace of all the lectures we have seen. Yes! We all are university students, However, many students could not have been prepared for the lectures which would change the way we see the art world and how we view/decode imagery. Those who started out with the thought of being able to go out clubbing and lounge through a majority of their ‘free’ time remembered just how challenging this journey is. Now! We swap our social lives to attend seminars, galleries and exhibitions. Understanding just what professionalism is all about.

Being a digital artist, I have always imagined the life and word-load a designer goes through. One of the reasons why I do this course. Other reason I do this is to compared my experience with others. I’ve seen the life of university students of television. I have read views and had discussion with those who attended university before.  You wonder if you become subject to what every one describes. The idea of sitting in a lecture theatre and hearing something which would benefit my career was just a mere image I had in secondary school when it was time to select subjects for GCSE. The thought of university back then was a million years ahead and makes me appreciate the time that we all share.

So as we round up another experience in my professional & academic career, I would thank all the lecturers for the time to teach the new generation about they need to know!

Damiyr Saleem


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