‘Animation and Architecture’ Lecture with Nic Clear

Inspiration Architect, Nic Clear treated students to delightful presentation in our forth week of GAMSWEN lectures. Most students arrived on the ninth hour of the day and did not expect the lecture room would transform into a movie theatre! Nic Clear shows connections between the worlds of animation and architecture and its effects on the art industries today.

Nic gave students advice and mentioned that we ‘should think not as students but as professionals’. He stated that drawing is the primal activity and to understand space shows a level of sophistication. Drawing is major and you could not have architecture with out drawing. He also expressed his concern with architecture, labelling it as a ‘frigged profession’. The

topic of business and future careers arose. Nic used the Swiss Ray Building as an example to guide him through speech. He spoke of the history, construction and development of the building which is visible from the Greenwich campus.

The influence of architecture and animation in film was exposed through clear visuals. Nic showed examples of movies and independent films.  Some of the first clips were out-takes of some noticeable movies. A majority showed an exploration of the space of a room as if it was an open world. Nic praised the rise of technologies approach to assisting these techniques. Software like Adobe After Effects have enabled millions of designers and artists to experiment with   computer-generated imagery (CGI) and create virtual realities. The evolution of technology is changing the way we see architecture.

Nic showed past students work based of CGI and presented an interesting film which was based on ‘Augmented Reality‘ which is a live, direct or indirect, view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented by computer-generated sensory input such as sound, video, graphics or GPS data. This film was created by Keiichi Matsuda and is called ‘Augmented (Hyper) Reality‘. This is an interesting film that will continue to inspire many artists to come.

Nic finished up with a inspirational short film created by Kibwe Tavares called ‘Robots of Brixton’. A mirror of the Brixton riots in the 1980’s, the film is set in a far future and features robots being discriminated against by humans in Brixton. This piece of work is an example of architectural drawings and the concept of futuristic animation. Truly one Greenwich students would not forget.


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