‘Drawing’ Lecture with Simon Herron

The eighth week of GAMSWEN was truly inspirational so I’ve decided to write more then just a description. It enabled me to compare ideas from that lecture which literature I have gathered over the years and those which were given to me by my parents. So I’ve decided to leave it to conclude our GAMSWEN journey. With that being said, On to week nine!

Simon Herron’s lecture on drawing was a very humorous piece filled with passion and expression. We explore the world of drawing, concluding our methods and techniques to draw while viewing visuals with stories of emotion and physical act. We as observers can become subjects to fascinating imagery without analysing the process of the image. Simon’s presentation was filled with visuals that has exciting history. The process of the artwork which a minority will still call art.  The mystery of the process could be what make us attracted to someone’s drawing.

This event reminded me of my gallery/exhibition visits over the years and I would come across various drawings which were display with and without descriptions. I go to Tate Modern, which is home to hundreds of artwork and eras of history. I understand that  descriptions in a public place is needed, However, I have a friend in Hackney who opened up a gallery. Every piece in the gallery belongs to him however, lack description beside it. When I asked him why he doesn’t use descriptions.  His answer was interesting! he described his work and the gallery as one piece. If anyone would ask about his work he would describe its process and never revealing its purpose. This was 3 years ago

Since then I have understood the methods of other people’s drawings and designs without knowing its purpose and since 2010 I have released a series of artwork based on that concept. My new project ‘Ten Thousand & Wun’ is a personal collection based on geometry. Prints are avalible on June 10th. A busy summer awaits!


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