‘How Do You Learn?’ GamSwen Introduction With Mark Ingham

How do you learn ?

Senior Lecturer, Mark Ingham kicked of our 12 week project this week. Answering questions of those concerned about their approach to the new project. Mark challenged the students with the question, ‘How do you learn?‘ Students had brief opportunities to discuss this with peers and later contributed answers.

Most answers were based on our ‘methods of perception’  and how we communicate with each other. This lecture highlighted the importance of graphic students using different approaches to visualising communication, defining what type of learner they are and how they want to present their project for the next 12 weeks.

Students identified different styles of learning in hopes of understanding how they prefer to gather information and finish presentations suited to a pacific audience. We defined ‘Learning‘ in three categories; Listening Learners, Seeing Learners and Experience Learners. We used a scenario to identify the characteristics of each group .

Our methods of perception and communication

SCENARIO 1 . You need to paint a room.

How much paint and what supplies do you need?

We concluded with our theory that a Listening Learner would call  a painter, a friend, or supplies store to assist in this task. A Seeing Learner would go to the paint store and read the labels of paint cans or watch a course. A Experience Learner would purchase a can of paint, a brush, and start painting and would eventually learn from future mistakes.
This topic was influenced by an article based of education guidance on U.S site worldwidelearn.com 

However, the lecture concluded with the introduction of Twitter.He insisted that “all graphic design students should use this platform to communicate with each other” Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter enable students to progress with task preparation by inspiring each other to upload different media and sharing advice on different art and design techniques and philosophy.


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