‘Ornamental Savagery’ Lecture with Neil Spiller

File:The Persistence of Memory.jpg

Our eleventh week of GAMSWEN saw the return of Professor Neil Spiller who gave another exciting presentation based on surrealism. he highlights the work of Dali, De Chirico, Ernst, and other SurrealistsHe called the lecture ‘Ornamental Savagery’ and to be honest is a reflection of a surrealist mind which we uncovered before. However, I found the work  and personality of Salavdor Dali to be very interesting.

The Persistence of Memory is Salavdor Dali most known work. These visuals represent unconscious symbol of the concious view of space and time. I believe that Dalí was attempting to understand our cosmic nature. He was able to create imagery more likely to be found in dreams than in waking consciousness, which some believe to be inspired by Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity.

This image has been referenced in popular culture. I first saw the image growing up on television and in many books. It’s a reminder of our subconscious images. During my practise I have aimed to create images and books based on dreams and what they represent. There is a fine line between reality and fiction and I try to visualize the beautiful things in the world. For example, stars are not visible in the sky where I live, however, in other part of the worlds they are. I appeal to spiritual and concious people which I believe was Dali’s method also. The difference between us is that Dali was a celebrity and the image of his identify and personality became as well known as his work.

With all these art movements to study and know, we become confused with eras and date however I associate imagery with an era which makes it a lot easier. I can compare the characteristic of this surrealist painting with an expressionist painting. Edvard Munch’s work ‘The Scream‘, highlights emotional experiences and shares an equal status of popular culture.

File:The Scream.jpg


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