What Have You Learnt So Far?

The seventh week of GAMSWEN lectures was a time to recap and analyse what we have learnt this year. Students are fortunate to meet successful artists, designers and researchers and have the ability to communicate ideas through different visuals. Many different topics and practises which relate to a similar source has been shared with us. While some are wishing to meet iconic people for advice, Students are showered with positive information from those who have experienced the ups and downs of the Art Industries.

We prepared our selves for a learning session and for once in my academic life have I been intrigued by the presentations before us. We first met our Principal Lecturer Mark Ingram, officially and professionally. One thing about his introduction that was motivating was he mentioned that we can produce this project  in any way we like. In a course which is based on restraints and ideas, Designers are free to combine art skills that were learned previously.

Vaughan Oliver came and spoke of his life and eras which sparked a revolution in the art world. Neil Spiller presented interesting visuals based on surrealism and the literature which support surreal ideology. We explored the worlds of animation and architecture with Nic Clear and made comparisons with the two techniques of visual representation. Stacy challenged our current method of understanding design with her presentation on ‘Digital Death’ ,which related to our design principles studies on semiotics. Rachel Armstrong shared an outsider’s view of architecture which relates to the teachings on biology, current technology, its evolution and effect.

Our GAMSWEN lectures soon come to a close and with more professionals yet to show the images and literature that have inspired them to create visuals, us as students become able to take a large proportion of what we know and apply it with the techniques shown in this lecture room and still carry a positive smile.


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