Binding & Folding Variants

Parallel folds

Folding a paper more than once in the same direction (i.e. with parallel creases) is called parallel folding. Common examples of this are the half fold, letter fold, gate fold, and Z-fold.

Cross folds

A cross fold is when a paper is folded once, then rotated 90 degrees and folded again. The creases therefore cross each other at right angles. The most basic cross fold is the French fold, or right-angle fold. Other examples include the 16-page broadside and the 12-page letter.

  1. Letter Fold / C-Fold / Tri-Fold
  2. Tri-Fold / Gate Fold
  3. Double Gate Fold / Roll Fold
  4. Z-Fold / Accordion (6-page)
  5. Double Fold / Double Parallel Fold
  6. French Fold / Double Right-Angle Fold

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